Eviction Legal Resources

There are good lawyers in the bay!

No, not deep under the bay bridge . . .  and they can help!

Bay Area Legal Aid – Housing Preservation

The Housing Preservation practice is designed to protect families from illegal evictions, including eviction after foreclosure; substandard housing conditions; and wrongful denials and terminations of housing subsidies. The practice also works to preserve and expand affordable housing and protect families from foreclosure rescue scams.

BayLegal serves as the Bay Area’s leading provider of legal aid to individuals facing discrimination in housing. BayLegal’s commitment to enforcing federal fair housing laws is at the center of the practice. BayLegal represents people discriminated against in housing on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, family status or other protected classes.

Oakland Tenants Union

An organization of housing activists dedicated to protecting tenant rights and interests.  OTU does this by working directly with tenants in their struggle with landlords, impacting legislation and public policy about housing, community education, and by working with other organizations committed to furthering renters’ rights. Oakland Tenants Union is open to anyone who shares our core values and who believes that tenants themselves have the primary responsibility to work on their own behalf.

Homeless Action Center

HAC provides free public benefits advocacy to people who are homeless and mentally ill in Alameda County. In addition to helping clients obtain sustainable income and health insurance, HAC also works with community stakeholders to reduce the harms associated with a lack of housing and healthcare. Combining professionalism and compassion, HAC provides barrier-free legal assistance to the hardest to reach populations.